Sweet Dreams

Here's the first practice in the series. This is the one for the body - health and well being, but it has implications in all parts of our lives. Very simple - enough good quality sleep. Good quality means a reasonable amount of time in each of the three states of...

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Diamonds In The Rough 1

Good information for troubling times  Here's the first post to bring you good information about the corona virus situation.  Good science and good ideas from trustworthy sources. Best medical and scientific coverage - Peter Attia Peter Attia is a North American doctor...

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Why good ideas are not enough

What now? 9th April 2020 Welcome! What now for me? I am starting this blog with as many helpful ideas as possible and with a Postscript with the best sources of information I know about the Covid 19 situation. Right now we need good information and there is a lot of...

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