Coaching for Writing

Writing communicates

It communicates skills, values and ideas.
It communicates you – the writer.

This is the essential skill of communicating with many people.
How well does your writing represent you and what you do?

Your writing – blogs, marketing e-mails, manuals, whatever it might be must be engaging.
When the reader isn’t interested, they won’t engage.

A coach will challenge you, support you and help you engage your reader.

There are plenty of courses for writing fiction.
How to engage the reader, to make a good plot line and develop characters.
How about the same for non-fiction?
Most people don’t know the same rules apply – non-fiction has got to be engaging in similar ways.

You can’t afford to be boring.

The typical reader in today’s wired world has the attention span of a flea with ADHD.
You have got to engage them from the start.
If you don’t – there are a million other pages beckoning.

Nothing is boring, except that the writing makes it so.

Here are four enablers of boredom, you must banish from your writing:

Abstract nouns (communication + boredom = disengagement)
Passive voice (irritating to be on the receiving end of this)
The verb ‘to be’ (it is, was, and always will be the lazy verb, par excellence)
Yoda speak (annoying it is to be addressed so)

I’ll give you the Seven Rules of Great Non-fiction Writing

Download free resource by filling the form

Seven rules of great non-fiction writing


You have to make it interesting.

And if you are training or teaching – what sticks in the mind more: a boring abstract phrase or an alive throbbing sentence? (OK, maybe throbbing was a bit over the top, but you’ll remember it.)
As Mark Twain put it more elegantly: ‘The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between a lightening bolt and a lightening bug’.

You can get people to write it for you – but where’s the fun and creativity in that?
I won’t do that – because with coaching you will present yourself better than anyone else can.

Because coaching is focused and time consuming, I will only be taking six clients at any time.

How will Coaching help you?


What are you writing?
Why are you writing it?
Who is your reader?
What do you want to achieve with the writing?


Your writing process.
Time management.




Getting it out there.

Coaching plans

Want to chat about it? Make an appointment here, free with no obligation.

I’ll give you the Seven Rules of Great Non-fiction Writing

Download free resource by filling the form

Seven rules of great non-fiction writing


Coaching FAQ

Does coaching work?

Absolutely. Challenge to bring out the best in you. Support to keep you in the process. Someone to guide you through the difficulties.

How do I know Coaching is right for me? How do I know you are the right Coach for me?

You don’t. Yet. Make an appointment here for a free session, no charge and no obligation.

How much time will I need?

As much as you are willing to give yourself. No more and no less.

What about other alternatives to coaching?

Doing nothing. Or Mentoring (see the Mentoring page).

What are the terms of payment?

Payment in advance of one session.
For six sessions half in advance and half after three complete sessions.

What if it does not work out?

Commitment is important and a down payment means you have ‘skin in the game’.
If it does not work out for you or your mentor, then any unused money from the down payment is given to Charity – half to a Charity of our choosing and half to a Charity of your choosing.


I’ll help you make the book the best it can be.


I’ll challenge you and help you engage your reader.

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