Mentoring for Non-Fiction Writers

Do you want to write…

A book?
An online course?
A substantial piece of writing?

Yet somehow it keeps getting put off?
Never enough time?
Then in comes the mental chatter…
It’s too difficult…
Can I do the subject justice?
I don’t know where to start…
Is it worth it?
Maybe I’ll do it later when I feel ready…

I can’t write a book!!??

Thirty years ago, I read a wonderful book about Music Psychology.
After I finished it, the thought suddenly flared, ‘I want to write a book’.
That was immediately followed by the thought, ‘Oh, I can’t write a book!’
That acted like a bucket of cold water on my first thought and nearly put it out.

But not completely. It fought back, with an incredulous voice tone, ‘I can’t write a book!!??’

‘How do I know? I’ve never tried!’

What the first thought meant was that I did not know how to write a book and did not know where to start.

So I learned.

It’s said we all have a book inside us.
The first problem is for most people it stays inside.
The second problem is that even if it pushes its way out, it’s not as good it could be.

I’ll help you make the book the best it can be.
I have thirty years of writing books, starting with Not Pulling Strings up to Coaching the Brain (and I am not saying that’s the last one!) – you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

You need time – mentoring will help you mark it out.
You need knowledge – mentoring will give you that.
You need support – mentoring will give you that.
You need constructive feedback – you’ll get that from a mentor.

Where else can you get all these things at once?

The sense of flow and satisfaction in writing a book is fantastic – you are creating something of value and speaking with your unique voice.

No one else can write the book you will write.
A book is a symphony, only using words instead of sounds.

Books seldom make a lot of money… directly (but they’ll make you some).
They do give you credibility, branding, visibility and respect – these are priceless – and you can’t buy them.
They will earn you more money in the long run.

‘The person who learns the most from writing a book… is the author.’

What’s involved in the mentoring process?


What are you writing?
What do you want the reader to get?
Why are you writing it?
Who is your reader?


Your writing process.
Your organising metaphor.
Dealing with difficulties.
Creativity hacks – engaging the reader.


Editing – how and when.
How do you know it’s finished?
Celebration and completion.


Getting it out there.
Finding a publisher.

Mentoring moves you from:

‘I wish I could…’ to
‘I know I can!’

‘I feel I should…’ to
‘I want to!’

‘I’ll do it tomorrow…’ to
‘Let’s make a start!’

As your mentor…

…I will be helping you with your writing project.

It is unique and time consuming, so I am only taking four at any one time.
Mentoring is for six months.
We will meet virtually for two hours a month.
I will read your writing and give you constructive feedback at all stages, on the art and science of writing and the art and science in your writing.
I will also be available for e-mail support during that time.

The investment in the mentoring process for you and your book is £2,497.

You’ll likely make that back in the first six months after publication in new training, new clients and time saved in research and design of your work. Then… the investment will pay you every year after that. Have you ever heard anyone say, ‘I wish I hadn’t written that book…’?

This is a special opportunity that may not be right for everyone.

Want to chat about it?

Make an appointment here to discover if mentoring is the right way forward.

If you do not want mentoring – check out the coaching offers on the Coaching page.

Mentoring FAQ

Why now?

Now is all the time you have. You can’t rely on another now as perfect as this one coming again anytime soon.

Does mentoring work?

Yes. It means you have a successful, experienced person in your corner, who knows the process.
They won’t make you do it their way, they’ll help you discover your way while helping you avoid all the blind alleys and wrong turnings in the meantime.

How do I know mentoring is right for me?

If you are writing a book and need some challenge and support, someone to bring out the best in you, then mentoring is right for you. Writing is a notoriously lonely activity. It’s good to have someone at your side.

How do I know you are the right mentor for me?

You don’t. Yet. That’s why we meet and talk for an initial session and then decide if we will work together. If we decide not, then no fee, no obligation.

It’s a lot of money to pay to get one book out.

It’s not just a book. It’s your public face, your credibility, your springboard to visibility and success.
It’s the result of your creativity, and once the creativity is awake, it will not go back to sleep.

You’ll likely make that back in the first six months after publication in new training, new clients and time saved in research and design of your work. Then… the investment will pay you every year after that.

Have you ever heard anyone say, ‘I wish I hadn’t written that book…’?

How much time will I need?

The mentoring is a meeting for two hours every month. During our time together you will be writing (nearly) every day – if only for a short period. You can devote as much or as little time as you like – as long as you devote some time.

Do I have to write the book in six months?

No. But it is likely you will have almost finished it in that time.

What about other alternatives to mentoring?

Doing nothing. Going ahead without help. Coaching (see the Coaching page).

What are the terms of payment?

Half money down at the start and the second half after three months.

What if it does not work out?

Commitment is important and a down payment means you have ‘skin in the game’.
If it does not work out for you or your mentor, then any unused money from the down payment is given to Charity – half to a Charity of our choosing and half to a Charity of your choosing.

What if I need a break in the middle?

No problem. Give us notice if you need to take up to three months off (holidays – unforeseen events,  etc).


I’ll help you make the book the best it can be.


I’ll challenge you and help you engage your reader.

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