What now?

9th April 2020

What now for me?
I am starting this blog with as many helpful ideas as possible and with a Postscript with the best sources of information I know about the Covid 19 situation. Right now we need good information and there is a lot of rubbish out there.

Coaches are used to guiding clients – here’s something that is bigger than any of us have experienced before.
How do we react?
How do we meet the challenges?
How can we be our best and by doing so, feel better in ourselves, address the real problems we face, model those quality and inspire for others?

A tall order…
And yet maybe essentially no different to what we do every day.
We aim to be our best, to address our real problems and to model those qualities for others.
Now the challenges are huge, much greater and in more dimensions – to our financial, spiritual, psychological and physical well being. Our best needs to be better than its ever been.

Let’s start at home. Coaches and everyone in the helping professions have their own worries and stresses. They need to take care of themselves for their own sake, as well as being able to help others.
It’s exactly like the safety announcement at the beginning of a flight, (something we won’t be hearing for some time) – put on your own oxygen mask first before helping others.

The CoVID19 virus is impacting all our lives in multiple ways. There are real problems with business, money and social life. There is the illness and the fear of illness for us and the ones we love – stress, anxiety and grief. The problems we had at the new year, as large as they seemed at the time and now paling into insignificance.
We are rising to the challenge.
S–t happens.
Let’s turn it into manure to fertilise new ideas and opportunities.

We can’t hang on and try to control things.
We do not have control and never will have.
All we can do is our best in the time that is given us.
What about out title then – good ideas that aren’t enough?
There is a lot of good advice on the lines of, ‘Don’t worry, because that only makes it worse. It’s pointless to worry when you can’t change anything.’
True as this is, it’s not very helpful to someone who is worrying and finds it difficult to stop. It may just make them feel worse.
It just stays at the cognitive level.
We need practices that reach parts other coaching does not reach.
They need to make sense cognitively.
They need to touch us emotionally.
With head and heart we need to act.

Action and practice is the best place to start and we are multidimensional creatures.
We exist in many domains, so we need practices in the different domains.
At the very least, in the physical realm, the social realm, the psychological realm and the spiritual realm.

In the next days. I will post the most helpful practice in each of these four realms.
See you soon,

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