What is the Creator’s Club?

A community or coaches and writers who love exploring and who love writing about it.
Expressing ourselves and getting interesting and stimulating ideas to express in all domains – the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

It’s hard chasing round the Internet trying to keep up.
You can’t do it on your own.

Good communication needs good things to communicate about.

Don’t worry about getting better answers – learn to ask better questions.

The wider the ocean of your knowledge and understanding the more fish you’ll catch.

Well… the Creators’ Club is…

A discussion forum for everyone interested in coaching, writing and creating good questions.
Regular podcasts with thinkers, writers, coaches and friends – people with something to say worth hearing.

Monthly Newsletter – ideas, resources, book recommendations, writing and coaching tips.

Take a look at the FAQ for more details


All of us who want to join.


To develop practical wisdom in this increasingly complex world. We have to develop better questions to get better answers.

How do I join?

Follow this link

Creators’ Club​​ FAQ

Why join?

To get more interesting ideas and pointers.
You can’t chase them all down, here’s some help you need.
To meet with like minded people and exchange ideas on coaching, psychology, spirituality, things that have value and meaning.

What do I get?

Entry into a discussion forum on coaching psychology, neuroscience, spirituality and creative writing.
A regular newsletter with coaching tips and creative writing ideas.
Access to a regular podcast with leaders, writers, thinkers and coaches who have something to say that is worth hearing.


I’ll help you make the book the best it can be.


I’ll challenge you and help you engage your reader.

Creators’ Club​

Join the our community for ideas, inspiration and intensity.



Get the latest to improve your knowledge and writing.

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